The Essence Of Pop-Self



Original Release 2001.09.29
Disc Number FVCC-80141
Manufacturer FLAVOUR
The Essence Of Pop-Self^ya-to-i
01 Funny Feelin'
@ìŽŒFFumie Kobayashi@ì‹ÈFya-to-i
02 ‚Ђ܂í‚è
@ìŽŒFŽ “c”ü‰À¢@ì‹ÈF‰ª“c“O
03 ƒV[ƒNƒŒƒbƒgEƒ\ƒ“ƒO
04 Nothing new under the sky
@ìŽŒFBANANA ICE@ì‹ÈF‰ª“c“O
05 Street to Go
06 Landsat
07 Cycle
@ìŽŒFFumie Kobayashi@ì‹ÈFŽR–{¸ˆê
08 Powder
@ìŽŒFLori Fine@ì‹ÈFya-to-i
09 Funny Feelin' (reprise)
10 ‹ó‚Ì–¼‘O
@ìŽŒFŽ “c”ü‰À¢@ì‹ÈF‰ª“c“O

Produced by ya-to-i
Original Release
œ2001.09.29@(CD) FVCC-80141@FLAVOUR

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